Want to know what will be trending in six months?

Ever wonder how designers all happen to have the same key trend pieces at the same time?

They go to flea markets.  (wait for it)

You might be imagining the birth of a new collection starting with pad and pencil.  In reality though, most designers start at an inspiration point: usually, a few pieces of vintage clothing.

They take inspiration trips to the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles or Les Puces (literally, The Fleas) in Paris and scour the best vendors for one-of-a-kind pieces.  Often, those pieces are then reimagined into something with a modern twist and voilá!, Spring ’18.

‘But how do they all pick the same one-of-a-kind pieces?’, you’re wondering right about now, plus, ‘I already knew that, everyone knows that.’

Here’s what you might not know.

Those ‘best vendors’ mentioned above aren’t just anyone, they are the true fashion obsessives, the people who will dig for days to find just the right cropped ‘80s leather jacket for their highly curated shops.  The stories they tell with their selection in turn inspire the designers who bring cropped leather jackets to the masses.

Which is why when we first shopped through Caitlin Collier’s curated booth at The Melrose Trading Post, LA’s market of choice, we knew we were among one of these special trend setters.  Not My Circus Vintage, Collier’s shop, is right on the cutting edge of Y2K come-back, selling to the people who will be endlessly copied on Instagram.

Collier started NMCV, a little over two years ago after working her way up to manager at a brick-and-mortar resale shop.  Eventually, she decided to branch out on her own.

“Selling vintage doesn’t just mean selling what’s old anymore; it’s more about recognizing how these pieces fit back into the modern world of fashion,” Collier wrote in an email.  Its this fundamental principle that has made her Depop and Whurl shops so successful – she sees vintage and second-hand clothes as compliments to a modern world.

Originally from Pennsylvania, she started thrifting at 14, searching for vintage tees.  She moved to New York at 18 to study Forensic Science (‘yes, that’s what my degree is in’), and started working retail at shops during college.  While they might seem like two totally different fields, you can see the common threads in Collier’s almost scientific approach to searching for pieces – she shops 40+ hours a week for the once-loved pieces and will dig through ‘anything’.

Its also not just a job for her, the VHS obsessive prefers to watch things on a VCR and buys ‘almost everything second-hand, except socks and underwear and stuff like that.’


So, the million dollar question – what are the 2017 fashion micro-trends she sees turning into 2018 trends?

Cropped flared pants, all colors and patterns.

Late 90s/Y2K with a 70s influence.

Monochromatic outfits.

Mix and match solid color tops and bottoms.

Cropped baggy pants (see Y2K above).

Oversized tees + blouses.



What you’ll find: 90’s Pop mixed with ’60s color and a treasure trove of the next hot trend – Y2K

Price Point: $10-$50

Where to shop:

Find Not My Circus Vintage online at:

Depop: @notmycirucusvintage

Whurl: @notmycircusvintage

In person at:

Rose Bowl Flea Market: Pasadena, California every 2nd Sunday of the month

Melrose Trading Post: West Hollywood, Los Angeles, every Sunday (except the second one;)

Social Media:

Instagram: @notmycircusvintage

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