Goodwill Girl, A Style Story


Before sustainable, before zero impact, before eco-friendly, there was Goodwill.

Quietly and reliably keeping billions of pounds of reusable goods out of the landfill and opening a warehouse door to underground fash-o-files panning for gold among the racks.

From Tavi Gevinson, who started Style Rookie showing how she styled contemporary and ‘thrifted’ Goodwill pieces, to Kurt Cobain who created his iconic grunge style from thrift stores in Seattle, to Zooey Deschanel  who credits Goodwill shopping in her youth with helping create her retro style, Goodwill is an American institution that’s kept generations of the singularly styled clothed.


In this spirt, we took $125 to our local SoCal Goodwill and put some of our finds on model Kat Fairaway, scroll through to see what we found.

We’ll be brining you more vintage and once-loved secrets from our digging – A Goodwill Insider’s Guide and behind the scenes looks at Goodwill SoCal, what vintage pieces to buy on Ebay before they hit the uptrend, where to find contemporary trends at vintage stores, and tips from celebrity stylists and fashion insiders on where to find the best pieces and how to style them.


Stay tuned.

Happy Hunting, New It. Team


model: Kat Faraway, makeup: Kim Do, The Makeup Blogger, hair: Zaley Blumenthal,  emotional support: Brandon Esenther

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