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For almost ten years, I was a worker-bee fashion designer- happily behind the scenes in New York, creating new designs for some of the largest fashion companies in America.  My favorite part of the process has always been vintage shopping for next season’s inspiration.  If you want to know what next seasons look will be, visit your local vintage store or market. (This is where nearly all designers, from Gucci to Forever 21, pull next season’s inspiration from, kind of like 3D mood boards. )

Most importantly though, I’ve always seen shopping vintage as a way to make a personalized style statement. In New York, I constantly shopped at the East Village Buffalo Exchange and No Relation Vintage near my house, but moving to Los Angeles last year was like throwing gasoline on the campfire that was my passion for pre-loved clothing.  Los Angeles has a uniquely exciting vintage environment: the nexus of space, good weather and the movie costume industry make it a hotbed of vintage treasures.

New It. is a love sonet to the vintage curators, the vintage treasure hunters, and lovers of personal style.

We’ll be showing you where to find the best vintage items, what to shop for and how to style them.  We’d love to hear your thoughts  – how do you wear vintage? What are your favorite places to shop?  Drop us a line.

Happy Hunting,